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For me, changing the world is about pushing the limits. It’s about going beyond what we believe to be possible, staring fear right in the face and still pushing forward. It means singing songs that have a socio-political message or touring and recording songs about Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland and other victims of police violence on international television in Iran. It’s coaching people to heal and master the self to actualize their full potential. Or sitting in the Atlantic Ocean at 3:00am in prayer, asking the ancestors for their guidance beneath the light of the moon. Or maybe its walking across a bridge suspended 100 ft in the air in the middle of a rainforest. Or traveling to countries all over Africa to record songs with African artists in solidarity with their social movements. It means performing for thousands at the Zanzibar International Film Festival. Or speaking to thousands of high school students in Ghana about self-love and unity. Or perhaps it's singing songs in the belly of a slave dungeon on Reverential night in Cape Coast. Or writing a song about Wangari Maathai for the UNESCO Women in African History curriculum. Or running a marathon. Or maybe it's falling in love. It’s taking off by yourself in Cuba with very little Spanish to see the Museum of the Revolution and the Museum of the Orishas. It's being an Afro-Latino History Teacher in East Oakland. Or volunteering three nights a week to teach Black children Black history and self-love. Or building beats live on stage or hosting natural beauty fairs for Black women to see themselves as art. It’s facilitating workshops and trainings about white privilege and dismantling white supremacy. Changing the world can be beautiful. Come change the world with me. 


Candice Antique


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