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My Music

Remember: Ghana Mixtape

I recorded this mixtape in Ghana, West Africa in collaboration with Ghanaian artists and producers. Making the mixtape was an act of community building and cementing relationships across cultures. It features Kopow Naadi of the Fante Confederation, Kahpun and Boggy Wednesday.


I wrote this song after praying in the ocean in Ghana just before dawn. The word that surfaced in my meditation was remember. I realized that I was being called to be a bridge between the past and the future and I was to do that work through art, education and traveling throughout the world collecting lessons from history.


I wrote this song after seeing a three year old African child with a blonde weave sewn into her head. I thought about how early we are taught shame and self hatred. This song is for all the girls who want to be free from self hate, who want to embrace themselves and set their own standards of beauty. This is for you!

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